venerdì 29 gennaio 2010

Sgt Zero Quotes!

“Sergeant Zero is G.I.Joe and Tales From The Crypt rolled up in a creepy little package. Its’ story is more than pulp, its’ art is noir with a pulse, and it’s all pretty damn impressive.”
—Steve Boyd, Director –
“Sergeant Zero is the kind of rip-snortin’ pulp adventure we don’t see much of anymore. Like The Dirty Dozen visiting Sin City, Anthony Schiavino tosses his hero to the werewolves, mutated Nazis and an irradiated monster that would make Doc Savage flinch. Simone Guglielmini’s stylistic art mines a World War II aesthetic that puts you right in the action. It’s a winning mix of urban noir, wartime drama and old-school moxie.”
–Brian Truitt, of USA WEEKEND Magazine

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