lunedì 1 settembre 2008

Colpa dell' estate?

Di recente posto piu' cose a colori che in passato...forse e' colpa dell' estate che mi contagia, comunque se colore deve essere che Steve Downer sia!

5 commenti:

Anthony Schiavino ha detto...

This is the exact kind of look I've been looking for the Sgt. Zero comic I'm writing. Truly amazing work.

Guglie ha detto...

Thanks again Anthony!

Where I can read something about your sgt. Zero? I'll try to browse the pulp you have a blog/website dedicate to it?

Anthony Schiavino ha detto... is the site I'm using right now. Concept sketches are being worked on now by Dave. I do however have scripts I can always email you if you want to take a peak. I'm in the editing stages now. After that we'll see here it takes me.

Guglie ha detto...

Checked the pulp site Anthony! thanks for the link. Yes I'm interested in seeing some sgt. Zero sketches and design, please email something to me if you can.

Stephen ha detto...

Simone, did I ever tell you how much I enjoyed coloring your artwork? I'd love to work with you again, man! let me know if you're ever in the market.